25 Reasons to choose Rangemoor and Internorm

Architecture is as diverse as the people who live in it. The style of a house is not only shaped by building design, especially windows and doors also underline its character considerably.

You can fulfill your personal idea of living with Internorm windows and doors. Internorm is offering you a suitable solution. To help you find the window and door solutions which fulfill exactly your requirements for architecture, design and comfort among the multitude of possibilities in shape, colour and material, you can choose from the different Internorm design styles: studio, home pure, home soft and ambiente.

Combining research with cutting edge materials

The perfect window for each building style and each room.
Would you rather have a UPVC/aluminium window in the bathroom, but not want to miss a timber/aluminium window in the living room – Internorm can offer the perfect solution.

The window design and therefore the exterior design of the house remains the same. For the inside area the windows are designed according to the requested requirements – either in UPVC or in timber.